Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Renewal

I have received my renewal notification. How do I renew?

Click on this link for a step-by-step explanation of membership renewal.


How do I change my password and/or log in email address?

Check out Contact & Members logging in

Account Activation

Existing members were transferred from the old club register to this new online Member’s Portal in July 2021. These are some common questions.


What are the steps to activate my account for the first time?

Follow the steps in this guide to log in for the first time. Take note in the ‘first time’ guide:

  • You will get a message saying the system does not recognise your email address. This is correct - follow the steps to create an account
  • Use your existing membership information to create your account, which is:
    • Your email
    • Your first name
    • Your last name

After creating your account, you will get an email from TidyHQ (our portal host) asking you to activate the account. This can take up to 24 hours if the site is getting high traffic.


How do I know my account is activated?

If you can log in and see your profile, your account is activated. 


Do I need to pay to activate my account?

No. You are only activating your account. Your membership is not due – do not purchase an additional membership when activiating your account. All you need do is follow the steps above to log in to your account. Stop if you are asked to pay for membership during activation and go back to your membership profile. Payment is not required to activate our account. You will receive a notification when your membership is due.