Event Registration

Follow these steps to register for an event through the member's portal:

  1. Open the event and click 'Select Tickets'
  2. Select the quantity of tickets you want and click 'Checkout'
  3. Enter the requested Buyer Info, including credit card information for a paid event, and click 'Submit Order' or 'Pay'
  4. Download the event tickets from the page. Tickets will also be sent to the email address provided in step 3.
  5. Wait for the email - this may take up to an hour. There are usually three notices sent:
    1. A request with the subject 'Activate your TidyHQ account to manage your profile with Victorian Climbing Club'. This is optional and not required for most events. 
    2. A notification containing information about the event
    3. And finally, an order confirmation with:
      • an invoice for the event
      • the tickets attached as a pdf
      • a 'Download tickets' button