Digital Membership Card

How to download your membership card

You can download a digital VCC membership card to use in Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Download from the Memberships tab from the Contact Profile in the VCC Member's Portal

Tech tips:

  • Log into the portal from your phone to download the membership card directly to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
  • Use Safari on iPhones to access the portal and download Apple Wallet. The icon will not be available for download if you are using a different browser, such as Google.

Using your membership card

The card has two 'pages' - see my card below as an example. Selecting the 'Details' button at the bottom of the card displays the membership status and expiry date.

Other ways to prove membership

You can also use the receipt of payment as evidence of membership. The receipt is issued by email at the time of payment and membership is valid for 12 months from the paid date.